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 violet-is-fearless-deactivated2 asked: "I'm Excusing Myself for not being on 2 days ago. I'm on finals and I'm also doing the process of filling up so papers for the next semester on college. Please excuse me and don't unfollow me if i'm not often on. Is only this week I promise."

We understand. Good luck on these finals!

 fashionguruella-deactivated2012 asked: "Ella here (:"

Follow up, Lovelies!

Welcome to Ocean Grove, Ella.

 Anonymous asked: "How long is a character reserved until it's open again?"

12 hours.




Ella Williams - Accepted! 

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 longlive-rpg-deactivated2012041 asked: "Can I just say that your rp is pretty awesome!"

Thank you so much, that’s really appreciated!

 violet-is-fearless-deactivated2 asked: "Violet Gray Reporting myself. ;)"

Welcome back, Miss Gray. I see Winter managed to find you.

Follow up, lovelies.

Violet Gray Audition-Accepted! 

Please make the account ASAP!

 ronniesalvatore-deactivated2012 asked: "Can I reserve violet Taissa FC?"

Violet is reserved for 24 hours!

Violet Gray | Seventeen | Scotland | Closed.

Violet’s depression first started in high school. She hated how people would just treat her like she was nothing and she was just expected to fit this lame Barbie doll image. In her school if you weren’t blonde, had a nose job and had an unhealthily skinny body, you weren’t worth being cared about. Sure Violet was a lot prettier than a lot of girls in her class but they were still more popular that her. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t just be treated like a normal human being. She was fifteen when she first cut herself. She’ll always remember that night. Locking herself in the bathroom, lifting the cold, metal knife to sliding it across her wrist. It hurt. But she liked it. Violet started cutting herself more and more after that. She hid the scars from her parents and people at school by wearing arm warmers, even in the middle of Summer. She knew her parents would probably be worried if they found out but they were too busy with work to even notice her whole world was falling apart. And it didn’t exactly help her happiness levels when her mom sat her down one night in June and told her that her father had left. He literally just packed a bag of clothes and left. He didn’t even say goodbye. This left Violet even more depressed. She couldn’t help but think it was all her fault. Why wouldn’t her father say goodbye to her? Her relationship with her father was average, and he knew she loved him. And since starting high school she needed her parents more than ever. After that Violet and her mom started getting closed. It turns out her dad leaving was the best thing that ever happened to her mom. She was like a totally new person. Violet’s mom noticed how sad she was about school so she suggested she take some time off and go to Ocean Grove. Leaving her mom behind was the hardest thing Violet ever had to do but she knew that leaving her high school life was what was best for her. She wanted to recover before it was too late.

Paired with Tate Bennett.